Heating Bolt Remover

Why Choose Heating Bolt Remover Kits?

The traditional way to remove rusty bolts is by using flame tools which is dangerous and takes long time.

With new technology of Rainco heating bolt remover, it’s more convenient, faster and safer to remove the bolts to save your time and money. The sooner vehicles repair can be done, the sooner you can make more money!


【Efficient】Just works within 25 seconds without damaging either the bolts or the surrounding objects.

【Easy to Use】Easy to use and operate! Just plug in the coil then place it     around stubborn rusted bolts.

【Safety Design】The heating induction tool is used with new flame-less and magnetic technology. It greatly reduces the risk of accidents and                                        potential damages. It’s designed with coil rotation lock.

【Save Time】It is flame-less and can loosen rusted-on bolts quickly. Choosing from multiple coils, suitable for different type/size bolts.

Equipped with LED light, it’s very convenient for narrow and dark space.

【Save Money】It helps you save money compared to flame-based tools.

【Used Widely】Not only used on vehicles, also used on boats and other related machines.



Model Voltage Output Current Output Voltage Output Power
RH310 110V 180A 45V 600-900W
RH320 220V 180A 40V 600-900W


Packing Lists

Main Unit * 1

Heating Coil (Diameter 2.8 cm) * 1

Heating Coil (Diameter 2.2 cm) * 1

Heating Coil (Diameter 1.8 cm) * 1

Multi-function Flexible Coil (Length 80 cm) * 1